Akashic Record Certification

Check out my self-study recorded events: Learn to access and read your akashic records, clear blocks, tap into the past, align the present and call in future timelines. More details under courses. Join level 1 live on July 27th after purchasing.

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JULY 27th – Akashic Records Level 1 Live Workshop for self-study course (6pm UK/ 7pm CET(DE) /1pm ET(USA) /10am PT(USA)

Live workshop for Akashic Records Self Study Course recommended by Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix and Liz Findlay Healing
🌟Live Zoom event with me on July 27th for level 1 students
🌟1:1 Certification with me upon completion of all 3 levels and be certified as an Akashic Records Practitioner and then be able offer readings for others!
🌟Email support during the course to answer any questions which may come up for you.
🌟Zoom details will be provided shortly before event
🌟Purchase course directly under “courses” to claim your ticket to this event.
🌟Self-study & live event both in English.

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A Cuppa Self-Empowerment to Trust Heal Be Thyself Podcasts

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Episode 58 with Janin Dannheim

Cuppa in German:

Janin, ist Akasha Chronik Medium und Ausbilderin. Mit 33 Jahren hat Janin ihren Erwachen, das sie unglaublich kraftvoll erleben durfte, indem sie ihrem Körper verließ und sich als Seele wahrgenommen hat. Janin durfte erkennen was wirklich ist und wer wir wirklich sind. Sie durfte erkennen woher wir alle wirklich kommen und seitdem ist es ihrem Vision, Menschen wieder mit ihrem wahren Zuhause und ihrer wahrer Essenz zu verbinden und sie ist eine BrĂŒcke zwischen Himmel und Erde, damit viele Menschen Erwachen und ihre wahre Essenz erkennen, leben und damit das Leben hier auf der Erde in unser wahres Paradies verwandeln.

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Episode 58 with the element of Magma with Natasha Price

In this episode we are welcoming back Natasha Joy Price to our cuppa podcast us we embark on journeying with the element of Magma. Natasha is an Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Coach, and Author. Thanks to her experience in learning about Energy Management, Reiki, Crystals, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Life between Lives and the Soul Continuum, as well as a BSc Earth Sciences degree and Masters in Parapsychology, Natasha has been able to collate an abundance of information and ideas on how to start looking at the health of your energy field, and how to create your own daily routine

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Episode 57 with Amie Bayardelle

Amie Bayardelle is a spiritual life coach specializing in intuitive tarot and oracle readings, light language, and holotropic breathwork ceremonies. She works with the angelic realms to channel messages for her collective’s highest good on social media as bathrobe spiritual. She loves to help people feel comfortable connecting with their inner child to bring out their authentic selves in taking inspired action and receiving blessings in love, career, and relationships. She values 1-on-1 sessions to focus on the growth of each individual journey and also hosts group breathwork ceremonies and workshops online and in person. 

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Episode 56 connecting to the element of water with Natasha Price

In this episode we are welcoming back Natasha Joy Price to our cuppa podcast us we embark on journeying with the element of water. Natasha is an Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Coach, and Author. Thanks to her experience in learning about Energy Management, Reiki, Crystals, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Life between Lives and the Soul Continuum, as well as a BSc Earth Sciences degree and Masters in Parapsychology, Natasha has been able to collate an abundance of information and ideas on how to start looking at the health of your energy field, and how to create your own daily routine

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Episode 55 with Lety Martinez

For over 25 years, Lety has been on a profound journey, dedicated to empowering others and fostering prosperous business ventures. Today, as the founder of Soul Level Business, Lety combines her wealth of business knowledge with spiritual wisdom, guiding entrepreneurs to not only achieve business success but also to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Through her unique approach, which incorporates tools like Akashic Records, Gene Keys, and Mayan Cosmology, Lety helps individuals unlock their full potential and design business models that align with their dreams.

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Episode 54 with Katie McGrath

Katie McGrath has been teaching yoga since 2018 and found her voice as a yoga teacher through the practice of yin yoga. Once she noticed the powerful effect that silence and stillness can have on the body and the mind, she knew that she wanted to help others to slow down and tune in. Today, Katie is on a mission to spread the power of yin yoga, and uploads regular yin yoga classes to her YouTube channel Yin Yoga With Katie. Once she realized she could reach more people through YouTube, she started dedicating more and more time to video production. Katie says that she knows how it feels not to have money to spare each week to attend a yoga class, and how it feels to live in an area where there are no yoga studios. That’s why she’s passionate about sharing yoga on YouTube so everyone can have access to classes, regardless of their income or location. 

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Episode 53 with Stefanie Wegmann

Cuppa in German:

Energie zu sehen und zu spĂŒren, hat Stefanie schon seitdem sie ein kleines MĂ€dchen war begleitet.

Heute nutzt sie ihre Intuition und FeinfĂŒhligkeit dazu um im Energiefeld von Menschen zu lesen. Sie begleitet Familien dabei, ihre Kinder besser zu verstehen und hilft Erwachsenen den Zugang zu ihrem Herzen wieder zu öffnen und sich mit der Weisheit des Körpers zu verbinden. 

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Episode 52 with Pippa Handley-Cooke

Pippa is a fourth-generation Intuitive healer, a vibrational practitioner and founder of the Water Memory Energy of PipEssence.

Since 2012 Pippa has been passionately connecting with the sacred water sources, visiting different wells and springs around England and abroad, deeply inspired to add further layers of vibration, connecting with the waters consciousness and ability to remember and store information and vibrations from nature.

Episode 51 connecting to crystals and the ancients with Natasha Price

Natasha is an Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Coach, and Author. She has spent the last 21 years exploring and learning all about energy, where it comes from and how it can help us. Her first book Freedom of the Soul is a proactive workbook helping the reader to find their spiritual path through energy management. For the last 2 and a half years Natasha has presented Balm to the Soul podcast which now has over 70 episodes. She regularly presents teaching days, and a slot on Felixstowe Radio.

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Episode 50 with Alyssa Knapp

Meet Reiki Master Teacher + Mentor and Holistic Business Coach, Alyssa Knapp, MS, CEO, RMT. With a multidisciplinary background spanning Psychology (BA), Health Promotion (BS), Exercise, and Kinesiology (MS), Alyssa brings a unique blend of expertise to her students and clients. As a Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Gaia Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, and Certified Exercise Physiologist, Alyssa offers profound insights and transformative programs and courses.


Episode 49 with Sophie Gregoire

Sophie Gregoire is a transformation coach, author, hypnotherapist, astrologer, and specialist in multigenerational healing, prenatal and birth trauma healing. She left much of her life at the age of 29 and took her chance to explore herself through years of inner work and personal development, and worldwide solo travels. Sophies passion is to help other tap into their highest potential and embody their most fulfilled and empowered selves in the world. Sophie works with people internationally and locally in Toulouse. She has been featured in several personal development online magazines and developed her own community and readership on social medias. She published her first book, “She is the Moon”, in 2019, and her first short stories collection in 2023″. Sophie gives online creative and therapeutic writing classes and hosts Women Circles locally in Toulouse, France.

Episode 48 with Mannah Key’blessing

Mannah is a Cosmic Doula, Empowerment Coach, and Starseed Channel. From childhood stargazing to a transformative awakening, Mannah guides you on an inner journey. With certifications in modalities like Reiki, shamanic initiations, and Light Language, Mannah channels cosmic wisdom to upgrade your being and helps to rediscover the universe within where you love and embrace your sovereign divine self.

Episode 47 – Connecting to the frequency of the trees and the Celts with Natasha Price

In this episode we are welcoming back Natasha Joy Price to our cuppa podcast as we embark on journeying with Earth Healing frequencies. 1.What is the most important aspect of working with Earth Healing Frequencies? 2. Why are trees important?3. The Celts relationship with trees.4. How did they use trees?5. How do we know about the symbols they used?6. How can we start connecting to the Celts and the knowledge that they had?

Episode 46 with Steve Ahnael Nobel

Steve is the author of 6 non-fiction books, the two most recent are ‘The Spiritual Entrepreneur’ and ‘Joy at Work‘. Steve was a director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years, leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012. Subsequently, he began his own healing and awakening work. He has created a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. He has created a library of free resources including meditations and transmission to help Starseeds which are freely available on his website and YouTube channel. These meditations and transmissions are played all over the world and so far, the platform has over 177K subscribers. Steve regularly runs events in the UK and Overseas.

Episode 45 with Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo

Marysol is an intuitive sound and energy healer and a singer/actress/performer, having worked at theaters for over twenty years. Guided by the spirit world, she channels healing light information, vibration and light codes and brings it into effect by singing sound and light language intuitively. She offers sound and energy healing sessions, spiritual voice lessons, house clearings and online events, such as  guided, cosmic, inner journeys combined with sound healing transmissions worldwide online. She also offers a monthly healing circle for women online called the Sacred Goddess Circle.She leads group meditations for personal and planetary healing and creates music for the soul, guided meditations and personalized sound healing recordings.

Episode 44 with Natasha Joy Price 

Marysol is an intuitive sound and energy healer and a singer/actress/performer, having worked at theaters for over twenty years. Guided by the spirit world, she channels healing light information, vibration and light codes and brings it into effect by singing sound and light language intuitively. She offers sound and energy healing sessions, spiritual voice lessons, house clearings and online events, such as  guided, cosmic, inner journeys combined with sound healing transmissions worldwide online. She also offers a monthly healing circle for women online called the Sacred Goddess Circle.She leads group meditations for personal and planetary healing and creates music for the soul, guided meditations and personalized sound healing recordings.

Episode 43 with Susie Smith and Pippa Handley

Susie is an intuitive healer who channels sounds, light language and light codes to support those in need of releasing as well as aligning and activating to new frequencies. Susie has created a new healing system activating students to Aiya Star which allows students to channel Aiyas sound frequencies to support the birthing of our New Earth. Pippa is a fourth-generation Intuitive healer, a vibrational practitioner and founder of the Water Memory Energy of PipEssence. Guided by her spiritual insights that connect with different aspects of nature that the water memory stores the vibrations (crystals, resonant sound frequencies, flower infusions, sacred earth site or Cosmos energy) and these layers of vibrations then connect with our own energy field bringing many fractals from nature through the sacred water droplets to be used as an intention tool, as part of our daily self- care routine.

Episode 42 with  Jayme Rose Gray 

Jayme is a Soul Purpose Guide and Business Coach who is here to help Conscious Entrepreneurs, Mamas & Mystics, Earth Guardians, Spiritual Illuminators, Creators, and Leaders just to name a few. Her mission is to empower, support and help others to get aligned with their soul’s purpose and help make a brighter planet for the next generations to come! Jayme is the Creatrix of multiple companies, soul projects and experiences including Tracking North Tours & Co., The Soulpreneur Society, What is Movement, Earth Guardian Mastery, The Wild Moon Society, The New Earth Illuminators & many more. These are all birthed from Soul, all inspired by purpose work and are all fulfilling the needs of her communities and the New Earth! After a few decades of sales and helping large corporations make millions of dollars, Jayme realised it was time to help everyday women get their gifts out into the world and explore the possibilities of financial freedom! Jayme creates in response to the needs of her Spirit and Soul Aligned Community all around her.

Episode 41 with  Emma Wareham 

Emma is Hasting’s Smile Coach! Alongside her coaching positions in the corporate world, Emma is on a mission to bring as many ‘smilers’ back into in their truest and most healthiest self, whether this be physical, mental or emotional health. Emma has been on her own weight journey, plus a journey of severe food allergies in her family household. Her youngest child was born with massive intolerances and when Emma came to a wall on the medical front and her son was still massively suffering, she embarked on a mission to heal not only him, but also herself.

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Episode 40 with Sarah Williams

Sarah is a small business bookkeeping specialist and QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. She can’t say she set out to become a bookkeeper (can anyone?) but as she worked her way through the mortgage, insurance and real estate industries, she always found herself happiest getting into the nitty gritty of numbers.  Sarah combined her entrepreneurial spirit, love of numbers and lifelong appreciation for small business to start her company Bookkeeper by Trade.  With her special no-judgement approach to bookkeeping Sarah works with fellow female business owners to not only make sure their books are in order but also that their financial mindset is in the right place.  You can’t know where you are going financially without knowing where you are coming from and Sarah is here to help you discover both. 

Episode 39 with Evita Mckay 

Evita loves to help others evolve so that they can step into their potential and embody their best life. Evita is an open channel to source energy which she profoundly shares through her in-depth connection to tarot and her mastery as a psychic medium. Her in-depth studies and practice in shamanic healing enables Evita to help others journey to the depths of their soul. As a student of human design and a fan of breath work and body movement, Evita helps you shift all that no longer serves.

Episode 38 with Conny Maschler 

Conny currently works as a French, English, Religion and Social Learnings teacher at a grammar school in Austria with pupils aged between 10 to 18. 10 years ago she started a two-year-training to become a systemic coach and this journey continues. Now a master in hypnosis and a life councelor, she opened her own online practice two years ago. Through her online practice she helps mainly women (but also men) to gain more confidence in themselves, to overcome personal struggles and to make more helpful decisions in life. Her focus is on self-worth topics which to be honest can be found in so many varieties and variations.

Episode 37 with Katie Steinle

Katie offers a cuppa goodness of bio feedback. Tap into your greatest strengths, know where your energy is being hijacked, and unlock your unconscious mind so you can start co- creating your best life. With 20 years of energetic mastery experience Katie combines Human Design, Quantum Biofeedback, and the ancient martial art of Qigong to calibrate and realign your energy with your true purpose. She will teach you powerful new ways to stay resilient and adaptable in these ever-changing times and maintain a state of creativity and flow.

Episode 36 with Amy Chauvin

Amy is a passionate entrepreneur, Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Breakthrough Coach and Certified in Reiki. She is here to educate, inspire and help others break-free, transform their lives, grow, and align with purpose through her breathwork events, private breathwork sessions, coaching, and transformational programs. She is based in Rhode Island and travels the US holding transformational events, retreats, and workshops. She does private sessions at Soul Sanctuary in RI and virtually.

Episode 35 with Joyce Weaver

Joyce is a lightworker, healer, and intuitive artist. She believes in the power of keeping your heart space open, and doing the work. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you always get something sweet”

Episode 34 with Jess Nicols

Boss Goddess Dr. Jess, a self-connection coach, yin yoga teacher, and soon-to-be author. She lives in northeast Tennessee with her husband, 4 year old son, and three rescue dogs. She believes that self-connection is the key to our collective expansion. There are so many tools that help us deepen our connection to ourselves. Some of Jess’s personal favorites include moon and menstrual cycle tracking, astrology, human design, yoga, meditation, intentional living, and the chakra system – just to name a few! Her why behind her work is because she can envision a world without abuse of any kind. One way she sees to get us closer to that world is through self-connection. We were all meant to be here in our unique magic working together as an inter-connected whole. When we connect deeply into ourselves and operate from love instead of fear the world will be an incredible place for everyone.

Episode 33 with Lisa Medley

Lisa, MA, CMT believes as we create more love in the body, we create more love in the world. She serves as a vitality expert and body relationship peacemaker from a holistic, spiritual, and soulful perspective. Lisa specializes in supporting spiritual and sensitive women to come home to their body and give their soul a comfortable place to live. She empowers her clients to take charge of their wellbeing, reclaim their body wisdom, and create a lifestyle that sustains radiant energy, ease, and grace, more often than not. Lisa offers a range of simple tools, revitalizing practices, and transformational programs in a sacred, judgment-free zone.

Episode 32 with Dr. Amber Verna

Dr. Amber is a mom, wife, holistic healer, lover of nature, and a student of life. She is a firm believer that all of the answers we seek lie within each of us waiting to be discovered. Dr. Amber utilizes an individualized, whole person approach. She takes into consideration all aspects of your well-being and uses a variety of healing techniques such as reiki, chiropractic, medical astrology, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies to restore balance to your health physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Dr. Amber helps clients identify where and why imbalances are occurring in the body. Once identified, she supports her clients by helping them bring awareness to the underlying causes and provides them with knowledge, tools, and support. Each person on this planet has the power within to heal themselves. No one person is the same, therefore, no healing journey is going to look the same. Dr. Amber is here to listen, advise, witness, and assist you on your unique path to wholeness.

Episode 31 with Kelly Leaning

Kelly helps and teaches others to activate their inner healer through guidance through the space of the Akashic Records and various energy healings modalities (including Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Gaia Reiki, Atlantean Reiki, Angelic Guidance, Goddess Isis Energy Healing and Crystal Healing). She truly believes that everyone can learn how to tap into their magic and access divine wisdom so that they can trust, heal and be their authentic self. It was through her own personal healing journey starting in 2015, that she was intuitively led to energy healing and angels.

Episode 30 with Cristina Olaru

Cristina is an accredited Tarot Reader Spiritual Counsellor and Psychotherapist, who created in February 2021, a specific method of Tarot readings, designed to help people with their spiritual journeys and personal development processes. Cristina uses Jungian psychology and archetypes to support you through awakening, to reach an immediate awareness of your circumstances through Tarot, bringing clarity to difficult issues, as Tarot is concrete, enabling the issue to be easily and safely externalised. Her readings are designed solemnly on the customer’s needs. She uses a particular Tarot technique that combines both therapeutic and divination purposes. Cristina works with your inner map, bringing up your fears, buried frustrations, deep rooted worries, traumas, unresolved matters of heart and inner child issues. Equally she invites awareness in for your strengths, gifts, and life purpose so that you can organically obtain your individuation process. Her divination technique highlights the energies that in fact you’re going to be dealing with – the psychological energies and the archetypes that are going to be in play in your immediate or future circumstances. The manifestation of the outcome depends very much on your own psychology. Cristina’s business, Ace Sage Guidance’s has this motto: Your future is not determined. The power of the Universe exists within us, and we have the power to transform our reality.

Episode 29 with Tamara Griffis

Tammy is the Creator of Infinite healing and Guidance. She is here on a mission as an EarthAngel. This time around as an “Iam” activator here to infuse LOVE into humans and into the grid of Mother Earth. She is a creator of ALL things LOVE. Tammy has been on the most important part of her journey since 2016. 7 years and always evolving and expanding~ She is a sensitive Empath and highly intuitive, a mixed pot of all things spiritual. Tammy mixes all kinds of spiritual ways and takes what works for her. Some of the things Tammy has accomplished over 7 years include: Ordained Minister, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Chios Master/Teacher, Certified In Kundalini Reiki, the Akashic Records, an Animal communicator, is a Shaman, a Channeller of Christ LOVE and Light as well as a Self improvement Coach Tammy can hear the trees talking and is an avid tree hugger. She does spell work, Tarot cards, Oracle readings, Aura readings, Love bindings and can see your past lives. She also sees timelines to your future, your past and your present and is also certified in Aromatherapy and all things oily. She loves people in general, and is a lover of life. She is here to help guide you to find you. Tammy’s mission is to help unlock and empower you to find your greatest gifts. She is a light activator, who loves hanging out with her two children and 6 grand babies who she absolutely adores

Episode 28 with Stephany Gomez

Stephany’s spiritual journey and relationship with spirit began when she was merely 8 years of age. She would be able to see and speak to the archangels. Her mission and purpose is to help guide others who find themselves abruptly encountering a dark night of the soul and or awakening for the first time (as there are many levels to awakening) and Stephany helps to ease this particular process in their self discovery and healing journey. In the past 5 years Stephany has been trained and certified in over 100 healing modalities, none of her sessions will ever be alike because she tunes in to what the client needs and will pull and draws from a myriad of tools to best assist them in that session. As much as she loves to hold sacred space for someone to heal, Stephany’s biggest passion comes from actually teaching and mentoring clients on how they can accelerate their own spiritual growth. She lives by the concept of teach a man how to fish and he will always have something to eat versus giving him a dinner plate once.

Episode 27 with Tracie Sweeney

Menopause does not spell the end of life. It prepares you for a profound time of empowerment – your crone years. Tracie Sweeney’s purpose is to guide and mentor menopausal women through a healthy midlife transition so that they can embrace their cronehood. She wants women everywhere to age unapologetically and reclaim the word “crone” as a title of honor. She earned her Master Coaching certification from Precision Nutrition, an international leader in coaching for deep health. Before turning to full-time coaching, Tracie spent four decades as an award-winning writer and editor. Curiosity is her superpower.

Episode 26 with Teresa Klan

As a young girl Teresa K was gratefully blessed with a full on illumination experience of unity consciousness that imbued a mysterious light of purity in her heart that allows her to connect with the archangels and use that for healing. With her blessed illumination experience happening at such a young age, she’s been able to capture the mastery skills over many decades that’s needed to weave threads of multi disciplinary spiritual knowledge and wisdom just for you that will reflect you uniqueness. Incorporating skills of the Akashic Records, energy work, tarot / oracle cards and more she supports people internationally to find their true illuminated and enlightened being-ness.

Episode 25 with Nancy Louise Vernon

Nancy born and raised in the Newspaper/Printing Business, naturally a career in Graphic Design and Photography in NJ Philadelphia and Atlantic City, as well as Direct Sales which led her to a career in Cosmetology. Following her blood family to Port St Lucie, Fl led Nancy to her new Spiritual Family who all wanted to move to the Mountains in Franklin, NC to open a Retreat Center at Rose Creek. After working hard, times changed and as Nancy had Nursing on her Career agenda, she needed to move back to Florida to take care of family business for about 1 1/2 years in Cocoa. Nancy has always been a bit extra tuned into animals, especially kitties since childhood. When she arrived at the Akashic Academy in 2017 and met so many new and forever friends and spiritual family members as together they learned to read the Akashic Records this was so meant to be for her. Nancy chose to guide her abilities to reading and assisting Animals that owners are having challenges with medically, behaviorally, eating or matching up to existing family members, and much more and she has helped many and continues to do so. Nancy also works in Rescue, mainly kittens, by healing, nurturing, and preparing for their future humans to bond with allowing them to know, humans are kind and will take care of them as they do us in our support emotionally and spiritually. Nancy is a Crystal Toting Tree Hugger!! She honours her Crystals energy like as she does her Foster kittens. Nancy is a real heart Mountain Woman now, with a touch of Jersey still available when needed.

Episode 24 with Cat Bendure

Cat is an entrepreneurial visionary and creator who facilitates energetic communication with all forms of consciousness. Cat accesses other worlds and dimensions to see the truth of who someone is and assemble the picture of what’s in/out of alignment in their life to increase personal understanding and encourage choice that leads to wholeness and fulfillment of mission.

Episode 23 with Shelley Olm

Shelley is a 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Buti Yoga instructor, Vibrational Sound Healer and Sound Bath Facilitator. She loves people and her goals are to help as many people as possible to heal from physical and emotional hurts and help them find inner strength, peace and bliss.

Episode 22 with Melinda Laine

Empath, Healer, Warrior, Gridworker, Lover of the Divine, Life, People, Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Magic. A student of…Nature, Life, Ramtha, Abraham Hicks, ACIM, Non Violent Communication, Akashic Academy with Emily Harrison , Yoga…….to name a few. Mel has been on an intense healing journey for 25 years due to severe depression, PTSD with dissociative disorder, where she spent 4 years mostly in bed. Melinda is on a journey to make known the unknown of self and currently is living life in a small Canadian town as a caregiver family and mostly working on staying present as the whole fear situation has reactivated a whole new level non present moment awareness. Melinda is a shining ambassador of always being eternally grateful for it all, regardless of what you are going through as you cannot change what you don’t know

Episode 21 with Tanya Fuller

Tanya is owner of Three Feathers Holistic: Energy Healing & Wellness. She has been blessed to live in the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe/Truckee in California, USA for 15 years. She guides people from all walks of life as they discover deeper soul embodiment and expansion. As a Shaman she walks with intention in this life as a seeker, teacher, and co-creator. She embraces her extensive training as a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Akashic Records Practitioner, and Birth/Post-Birth Doula to work with people all over the world. Through Shamanic Energy Mapping Tanya tracks and teaches her clients how to clear old patterns of fear and lack, connect to unity consciousness and divine purpose, and learn new ways of managing their personal energy. Spiritually Gardening mentorships give people an opportunity to deep dive into cultivating their unique technique. In these personalized mentorships, they discover soul level fulfillment of purpose and clarity and apply it to all areas of their life. Tanya understands that as humanity becomes more and more conscious of how our energetic signature pulses, we awaken to the powerful frequency of unity and creation.

Episode 20 with Jane Swanston

Jane serves as a “multi-dimensional”, Angelic Messenger for our beloved Gaia. She holds the Divine Mother frequencies and has been in the healing arts for many years as an energy healer and practitioner for humanity and the animal kingdom. She also has an extensive healing background as a nurse and training in inner child healing. As a humanitarian, she works closely with the elemental and angelic realms as a grid keeper for GAIA-Sophia. She actively works with a divine council as a rose priestess and is a keeper of the White Flame. Her mission is to embody the highest expression of this divine love and assist in the transmutation of all density and separation and is an advocate for those that do not have a voice. Her dedication and passion is working with the animal kingdom and those suffering from trauma utilizing her angelic presence and expertise to assist them return to the qualities of divine love, peace, and joy.

Episode 19 with Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer is the founder and creator of SHE of a Thousand Angels Temple and Wellness Center located in Mt Shasta California. A Temple dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, creating a balance with the Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness She is a High Priestess of the Rose, Ceremonial Leader, Star Mother, Shadow Dancer, Activator, Rose Gold Anchor and Guiding light. After having a traumatic awaking in 2014 she was catapulted into a journey of self healing and self love. Where she has learned how to transmute and transcend a life full of fear, trauma, abuse, anger ,blame and shame into unconditional love, wisdom and forgiveness. She now lives a life dedicated to helping others overcome and transcend suffering at any level by helping them tap into the raw organic power they carry inside. She is a quantum healer, reiki master and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. Her healing gifts include DNA activations, light body upgrades, light language transmissions. Her team consists of Angels, Ascended Masters, and Galactics. She uses the Violet ray and connects with source energy to find and resolve the core issues that are keeping us stuck so we may find our way back home, to ourselves So we may authentically live a heart centered life of love ,joy, peace and freedom.

Episode 18 with Katie White

Katie is an Intuitive Guide and Reiki Master. She is an overall illuminator, which means being in her energy is going to fully light you up from the inside out and you will feel your most radiate self, just by being in her presence. She believes every woman deserves to feel connected with her most powerful, intuitive, inner self. So many women overwork themselves by putting the needs of everyone else before theirs. Katie’s been there before, feeling depleted and having no energy left. That’s why she has devoted her life to teaching women how to break that cycle.

Episode 17 with Deborah Williams

Deborah is a graduate of the Angel Alchemy Academy and a qualified Angel Communicator and Oracle card reader. A Wise Woman ~ Wisdom Keeper and SiStar of light. She has a strong Galactic resonance and connect with the Palladian. As a StarSeed she speaks, sings and draws light language. As well as writing intuitive Spiritual poems that she channels. Deborah also reads the Soul intuitively from a personalise landscape picture. As Deborah fully awakens to her Spiritual Journey her aim is to enhance her Spiritual path and work exclusively within a Spiritual environment to assist others along their own personal journey as she is guided by Spirit. She has a range of services including individual oracle and tarot readings, Soul Poetry, Channelled messages from Spirit from personal landscape scenes and a range of light language options. Deborah works full time within the health economy and as she branches out within her own awakening the aim is to reduce this and eventually concentrate on the spiritual aspects of her life. She is a Dragon rider and looking to reconnect with her old friend once again as she have a strong affinity to the elementals.

Episode 16 with Annette Hemminger

Annette has a variety of medical experience. Her professional training includes: Register Nurse-1974 Licensed Massage Therapist-1997 Reiki Master-1998 Certified Energy Practitioner-2002 Certified Chakradance Facilitator-2014 Certified Metatron Colour Healing Method-2018 Health Coach-2019 Certified Akashic Records Reader-2020 Annette combines her knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the physical body with her intuitive perceptions to create a unique experience of massage for each client. She creates a sense of well-being by utilizing massage therapy and energy medicine. She connects intuitively with each person she encounters and facilitates an alignment of body, mind and spirit. She works 1:1 and in groups using many of her professional modalities. Chakradance is her favorite and she offers online.

Episode 15 with Susie Smith

Susie works from a place of integrity, truth and trust and is able to facilitate healing on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. As a direct link to the source energy, along with cosmic vibrations, star channelled sounds – Susie can assist you in moving forward with your life with grace and ease, allowing room for growth, expansion, positive light and energy to encompass a new you in your entirety. Susie is extremely intuitive and sensitive to the work needed with each client she works with. As a highly evolved soul, Susie has spent many years studying various therapies and treatments working on herself. Taking the viewpoint that in becoming the best at what she can be, first she must clear, heal, release old energies/beliefs from herself – using many styles of reiki, theta healing, sound healing, past life regression, future life and lives between lives

.all playing a huge part in allowing the release of personal fears, abandonment and self judgement.

Episode 14 with Cassidy Bell

Cassidy is a Human Design Specialist & Intuitive Healer. Their interest in humanity started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology & Women/Gender Studies, but has been taken to a deeper level over the past couple years through working with energy and learning Human Design. Cassidy’s passion lies in helping curious humans rediscover their authentic selves and live their truth. Through Human Design, as well as other healing modalities, such as the Akashic Records, they will guide you into deep self-understanding, an inner awakening, and the clarity & energy for fully executing your soul’s purpose.

Episode 13 with Daisy Farrell

Daisy is a Psychic Medium, Healer, and Intuitive Counselor. Her services provide deep soul healing and help you understand yourself at a level you never knew possible before. She customizes and caters to your specific needs to best achieve your goals. By combining Mediumship/Psychic Work, Healing, Past Lives, Guides, Shadow Work (and more) with her own life experience, she helps remove what no longer serves you and helps you find a deeper sense of self love and forgiveness. She is passionate about helping her clients link different things from their past to their present understanding of the world. By doing so, she empowers them to change limiting behaviors or ideas. She also strongly believes in helping clients leave a session with new skills and tools they can put into action in their everyday life.

Episode 13 with Laura Nunn

Laura of Radiant Aura Coaching is a 4/6 splenic projector and identifies as non-binary spending their time with animals and nature in the middle of America. They have worked in many fields including, Nonprofit Outreach, School Counseling, Psychology, Sales/Business Management (both Corporate and Entrepreneurial), and is currently a Life Enjoyment Specialist utilizing Coaching, Human Design and Reiki to help folx authentically align to enjoy living their best lives while pursuing their passions! They have spent the last 20 years of their life searching for and studying tools to navigate their emotions and experiences. At the very core, they know that they are here to be of service. To bring people together with their best selves. To wake you up and to help you be able to help yourself. To be your own life enjoyment specialist.

Episode 13 with Becky Burns

Becky of The Holding Space RI is a manifesting generator, a connector of people, a teacher, energy healer and holder of space! Becky is a licensed TimBo facilitator ( Trauma informed mind body) and an advanced IET Therapist ( Integrated Energy Therapy). She combines these two healing modalities to help Heal trauma.

Episode 12 with Darlene Sochin-Maras

As a Spiritual Teacher, Cheerleader, and Space Holder, Darlene supports other healers with building a strong, confident foundation from which to uncover and live their desired life and purpose. Darlene is a Reiki Master Teacher, Author, Foundation Builder, and The Healer’s Cheerleader–initiating and activating healers’ and Lightworkers’ courage to come forth and live their True Divine Purpose.

Episode 11 with Jacqueline Kane

As a Master Energetic Healer, Jacqueline guides women to uncover their hidden energetic and karmic blocks that keep them in physical, emotional and financial pain. By using her Uncover The Root Cause process we unravel negative thoughts and clear limitations including inner child and ancestral karma that has held them back for decades. Her clients are able to quickly and easily achieve major shifts in creating a new level of health, wealth and lifestyle they desire now.

Episode 10 with Steph Furo

Steph is a spiritual empowerment coach whose mission is to help others come home to themselves
 to release the tension of trying to be everything to everybody and to rest in the peaceful and powerful presence that is your birthright. She’s an old soul, Reiki master teacher, mother of two, and a mystic at heart. Steph is the owner of The Empowered Soul where she offers energy healing and coaching for people who want to align more deeply with their soul and spirit so that they can experience more ease, energy, and purpose in their life

Episode 9 with Anna Fisher

Anna is an Energy Healer & Intuitive Guide, the owner of Something Kind And Wonderful, which is a transformational healing space inspiring you to rediscover the magic of who you truly are. Anna uses a variety of clearings and energy healing techniques which she has learned, experienced and created over 25 years and which are forever evolving. She combines these, alongside intuitive guidance, within sessions, to help shift, release and heal any old programming, patterns, energies, limiting beliefs and traumas etc that have been getting in the way of you creating a life that you love and showing up as your true beautiful self.

Episode 8 with Justine Harrington

Justine is a storyteller, author, mentor, and healer. She provides a process and support for others to get out of their heads and into their hearts so they can release false narratives, shatter limiting beliefs, connect with their most authentic self, and ultimately evolve from living in fear to living from a place of love and compassion. Justine lives in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, with her husband, Tim, and dog, Lulu.

Episode 7 with Giana Giarrusso

Giana is a yoga teacher with over 800 hours of educational training. Giana is also a forever student, podcast host, licensed massage therapist and a fun lovin’ Gemini

As the founder and creatrix of Nearly Enlightened and Soul School, she teaches students how to connect and align to mind, body and spirit in order to be in relationship with their most authentic & favourite Self.

Episode 6 with Katie Steinle

Katie uses Human Design to reveal your genetic energetic blueprint to remind you of your soul’s journey and who you came here to be. Tap into your greatest strengths, know where your energy is being hijacked, and unlock your unconscious mind so you can start co- creating your best life. With 20 years of energetic mastery experience Katie combines Human Design, Quantum Biofeedback, and the ancient martial art of Qigong to calibrate and realign your energy with your true purpose. She will teach you powerful new ways to stay resilient and adaptable in these ever-changing times and maintain a state of creativity and flow.

Episode 5 with Inese Soncika

Inese is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Starseed Mentor, Channel, Energy Intuitive, Healer, and Meditation Journey Guide with background and continuous studies in the fields of astrology, practical psychotherapy, trauma, energy healing, and coaching.IneseÂŽs own awakening and healing path has been a powerful lifeÂŽs classroom from which she has created her own healing practice – a space where she now assists souls with soul guidance and deep healing, holding space for transformation and helping others to reclaim their true power and gifts. At the core of IneseÂŽs mission & soul work is an opportunity for healing, expansion and deep understanding your Soul Purpose, and remembrance of your true potential and personal power.

Episode 4 with Laura Mazzotta

Laura Mazzotta, LCSW-R is an Akashic therapist and Reiki Master with over 17 years of experience. She is an activator of personal power and calls herself the Confidence Queen! Her mission is to guide restless, multi-passionate women how to ditch indecision and confidently own their multifaceted gifts, so they can experience intimacy, abundance, and freedom. Laura knows the most successful formula for optimal vitality and limitless business expansion is potent, core-level healing combined with uniquely soul-aligned empowerment strategies. She is here to guide clients in all steps on that journey.

Episode 3 with Carina Capps

Carina is a married mom of two almost grown kids and a spoiled rotten pug. Raised by her Catholic grandparents, she learned of her deep connection with her angels and the Blessed Mother Mary. She has developed her gifts to be able to connect with your energy and mirror what is coming up in your field to guide you through shifting the energy and begin the healing process.

Episode 2 with Alyssa Knapp

Alyssa is the owner of Integrative Wellness Journeys. She helps busy parents and heart-centered entrepreneurs prioritise self-care to feel less stressed, and to experience more joy in family life and in business. Alyssa bridges science and spirituality and combines her background in psychology and kneisiology with multiple energy healing modalities and other holistic practices.

Episode 1 with Emily Harrison

Emily is the Founder/Director of The Akashic Academy, a modern day mystery school, dedicated to sharing knowledge that is empowering the planet to resource superconscious intelligence from within. After being featured on CBS, NBC, HBO, Lifetime, Netflix, Thrive, and at Harvard University, Emily is now creating quantum, in-person experiences, within the most profound grid points on the planet, so people can experience accelerated activation and embodiment of their Soul mission. Emily was named one of the top five business women of 2021 by Entrepreneur Magazine for her work to innovate quantum education and experiences that are life changing for the ultimate spiritual seeker.

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